Dialogue Develops Industry’s Most Advanced Mobile Site Builder

Dialogue Develops Industry’s Most Advanced Mobile Site Builder

Dialogue Communications has today announced the launch of its new product - Mobile Site Builder - an application that enables global brands to build mobile internet sites and storefronts quickly and easily, which stand out in the competitive off portal market.

Mobile Site Builder (MSB) is the most advanced application for companies looking to enter the mobile market. It is a toolkit that allows companies to create their own professional mobile websites and storefronts, implement marketing subscription campaigns, run votes and competitions. It also comes with other impressive features such as refer a friend, click to call, an in-built payment mechanism for storefronts, bookmark capabilities and RSS feed options, along with many other marketing features.

MSB has a simple user interface and has been designed so that the user can just drag and drop text, images and other components onto the mobile screen so that you can easily design and view your mobile site and publish it within minutes. The MSB toolkit can be accessed through any internet web browser and the beauty of this application is that no technical knowledge or programming skills are required.

Guillaume Peersman, Dialogue’s CTO and UK managing director explains: “We have developed the features for our Mobile Site Builder product based on feedback from our clients on what they would like to see from a mobile site builder application. MSB now incorporates all the elements needed to build a mobile website that will succeed in the ever evolving and competitive mobile market.”

Hugh Spear, Dialogue’s CEO adds: “Today’s brands are looking at new ways of marketing their products and services and the mobile medium is becoming a popular and key marketing tool. We have created this application to help promote mobile as well as provide a more advanced, easy-to-use tool for our mobile content customers. The advantage of our MSB is not only can it create a site to sell mobile content but it can be used to develop information sites for promotional purposes.”

As the mobile market continues to grow year-on-year, it is proving ever more difficult to create a mobile internet site that stands out in the off portal content market. Dialogue’s new Mobile Site Builder product is available right now and is giving companies an extra tool with which to design their sites, in order to beat off the competition.