Dell unveils European channel programme

Dell unveils European channel programme

After weeks of suspense, Dell finally takes wraps off its PartnerDirect programme and invites resellers to apply for partnership status

Dell has officially launched its PartnerDirect channel programme in Europe today and is inviting partners in the UK to register interest.

Unveiled in a European-wide press conference call, the vendor also launched its official partnership portal which will give resellers access to marketing support and product information.

As previously mentioned partners will be divided into two levels, Registered and Certified. The programme has today been rolled out in a number of European countries including the UK, but some countries such as Luxembourg and Poland will come on board at a later date.

Once a partner has registered, Dell will then assess each company and decide on a mutually beneficial business plan going forward. Successful partners will then be assigned an account manager and will agree terms and conditions with Dell.

Josh Claman, general manager of EMEA channel group, said Dell's timing for entry in the market was right.

"We have listened to feedback from resellers and are very excited about the fact the the programme is based on direct feedback from 100s of partners across EMEA," he said. "Partners want a viable alternative in the market. When we have met with resellers some have said not only are they frustrated with the incumbants, but also feel hostile to them. The want to do business with Dell, but we know we have to prove ourselves to them to gain trust."

Claman said levels of interest were already high and a number of partners had already registered before the launch.

"In Europe we are not really after a gross number of partners," he said. " The process we are going through is to take registrations. We have had 150 partners registered as of today. I'm pleased with that. We are going to profile partners and determine where we put our energy based on their commitment to Dell."