Credant Technologies works on the insider threat

Credant Technologies works on the insider threat

Credant Technologies' new tech will shore up organisations' defences

Security firm Credant technologies has launched new technology that will protect organisations from both insider and external threats in a single solution.

The technology, named Full Data Encrytion2, is included in the latest release of the Credant Mobile Guardian (CMG) v6.0 enterprise edition. Implementation will not affect existing IT operational processes and works with both Windows and Vista platforms.

Full Data Encrytion2 works by each of an organisation’s individuals being limited to their own set of information through the use of their own unique key.

Chris Burchett, Credant chief technology officer, said “Each user will be given a different key to the next user, and then another key for shared data. This differs from BitLocker, which has one single key for all of the hardisk.”

Burchett gave an example of an administrator who needs to work on a chief executive’s IT system. With the new solution, they would only be given access to the system’s operations.

Also contained in the new CMG release is a standalone version of CMG Windows Shield, which ensures an organisations data is secure when sharing with a business partner, as well as expanded platform coverage, enhanced features to protect data on all vulnerable endpoints and enhanced management, audit and reporting capabilities.

The solution is available now.