Confirmit Platform Hits 97 Million Interview Mark in 2007

Confirmit Platform Hits 97 Million Interview Mark in 2007

New York, NY and Oslo, Norway - Confirmit, the world’s leading provider of software for Market Research (MR) and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), announced today that it delivered respondent uptime of 99.94% during 2007, outperforming its own guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) for availability. It also reported a 32% growth in activity on the Confirmit On-Demand platform for 2007. Confirmit’s On-Demand and On-Premise platforms led to the completion of 97 million interviews in 2007.

Over the last six years, over 308 million surveys have been completed on the platform, with the company passing the 300 million milestone in Q4, 2007. Confirmit’s uptime level on its US and European Confirmit On-Demand or Software as a Service (SaaS) environments is a key benefit for clients, demonstrating a premier level of availability and reliability for their market research and feedback activities.

“These numbers affirm Confirmit’s place as the leading player for MR and EFM technology, not only for 2007 but also since the initial product launch,” said Henning Hansen, President and CEO of Confirmit. “This performance reflects our customers’ confidence that the platform can drive their businesses and rewards our investment in robust software and a stable and secure On-Demand environment.”

Foundstone, a McAfee division, performed Penetration Testing on both the US and European On-Demand environments in Q4 2007, and rated security to a straight A, the highest grade. Similarly, Foundstone performed an Application Testing (ethical hacking) on Confirmit 12, which similarly returned a straight A..

“As a leading vendor in the SaaS industry, as well as one of the only on-demand providers in the EFM and MR markets to provide a guaranteed SLA availability, this level of performance reinforces our commitment to drive innovation and exceed expectations for our clients and for the industry as a whole,” said Arnt Feruglio, Chief Operating Officer at Confirmit.

“Confirmit’s ability to support a 32% growth in activity on its environments, while delivering respondent uptime of 99.94% translates to a direct benefit for customers and important stakeholders,” explained Henning Hansen. “In particular, our Market Research clients can take advantage of market-leading technology, scalability, reliability and security for maximized respondent engagement and utilization, increasing their response rates and return on investment. These benefits are realized by our customers and their clients.”

Confirmit’s existing SLA guarantees its customers a 99.7% uptime for survey respondents. The company’s On-Demand environments are Safe Harbor compliant, which is of great significance for global companies who survey European residents, where the EU Data Protection Act is otherwise a critical factor.

In 1999, Confirmit launched its first On-Demand environment, and since that time, there have been significant and ongoing investments and improvements in the hosted service. Confirmit partners with Rackspace for a highly sophisticated Managed Hosting solution, which provides substantial benefits with regards to security, stability, scalability and reliability.

Confirmit’s hosted On-Demand environments are located in Dallas, Texas in the US and in London, UK. The world-class EFM and MR platform can be licensed as Confirmit On-Demand or Confirmit On-Premise and can be implemented in both online or offline locations bringing critical live insight into the world’s board rooms.