Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System Provides Mission Critical Mapping Capabilities for 911 Call Centers

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System Provides Mission Critical Mapping Capabilities for 911 Call Centers

Police and law enforcement dispatch centers benefit from improved Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allowing for quicker response time during 911 emergencies.

Troy, MI - New World Systems, provider of public safety software solutions, announced innovative emergency response technology that will dramatically improve mapping capabilities in Aegis Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software system version 8.0 for both the Microsoft and iSeries platforms. These mapping enhancements will provide 911 call centers nationwide more mission critical location information during emergencies.

Whether it's locating the source of a 911 call or determining the best route for responding officers to take to a crime scene, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping software are vital tools for emergency response. New World Systems' CAD relies on embedded GIS technology to provide geographical analysis and visual references for dispatchers from one application, eliminating the need for them to open several applications when time is a critical factor.

"The GIS mapping software enhancements to Aegis 8.0 offer an optimal environment for analysis and significantly increase the amount of information available for the dispatcher to relay to the scene," said Britt Wollenweber, New World Systems' GIS Consultant.

By upgrading the integrated GIS technology in their solutions the appearance of Aegis CAD maps has improved, becoming more detailed with various user-defined zoom levels. Dispatchers will also be able to access critical information directly through hyperlinks in the maps. This mapping upgrade will ensure that 9-1-1 call centers always have accurate and up-to-date geographical information through real-time map updates with their county's data.

New World recently forged an important new partnership with ESRI, the world leader in GIS modeling and mapping. Aegis CAD version 8.0 mapping has migrated to ESRI ArcObjects providing easily maintained maps with greater functionality and embedded tools for crime analysis. As an ESRI Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Business Partner, New World now has exclusive access to technology and development resources that will allow them to continue to stay ahead of the curve in providing GIS capabilities to customers.

New World has also partnered with Pictometry International Corp., the world-leader in oblique aerial imagery and measuring systems, to provide mutual customers with embedded three-dimensional views of locations directly from their CAD map. These images will provide dispatchers with a more accurate lay of the land and size and dimensions of buildings, allowing them to make fast decisions for an efficient response during an emergency.

A New World Systems customer since 1998, the Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office, N.Y. has had the opportunity to use the improved mapping as an early adopter and is excited about the new enhancements.

"New World is taking advantage of all the tools available to them through their ESRI partnership and taking it to a new level of integration with Aegis CAD," said Captain Joseph Grube, Cattaraugus Sheriff's Department. "New World has kept pace with what mapping technology is available; as a result, Aegis 8.0 is light-years ahead of the competition."

Aegis/MSP CAD version 8.0 will be released to the public this spring.

New World Systems, a public sector software company in Troy, Michigan, has provided software solutions for public safety and public administration organizations since 1981.The Company designs, develops, markets, supports and implements the fully integrated Logos Public Administration Suite for local governments and the Aegis Public Safety Suite for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS. New World Systems has more than 600 customers comprised of more than 1,200 public sector agencies across the United States.