CityFind Covers 70k business listings for Bangalore with Geo coding!

CityFind Covers 70k business listings for Bangalore with Geo coding!

Yulop's CityFind has traversed and recorded nearly 70k business listings for Bangalore along with geo coding.

Bangalore, India - First time in the history, every business listing is been geo tagged within Bangalore and CityFind is moving aggressively in covering rest of the Metro cities in India.

CityFind provides its users a platform to review, rate and suggest local businesses and services, thereby promoting user engagement with their localities and enriching the local information for the community. Challenges that consumers face today are that there are no accurate and comprehensive services online for local information. Consumers have had to make do by relying on a variety of sources such as telephone directories and city portals to obtain local information within their community and cities. Often, this information is outdated, incomplete or inaccurate. CityFind lets the users to add listings of their choice and even list their own business.

Users can search from a wide range of listings ranging from street side Bajji corner, chaat joints, hotels, education institutes, utility services, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, plumbers, automobile service and sales centers, resorts and much more…

“The vision to give Web Identity to Every SME along with a comprehensive search engine lead way in developing CityFind, we would be traversing to all Metro cities within this year.” Says Mr. Sridhar, founder and CEO of Yulop

Each of the listings is been manually processed and a clear indicative Latitude and Longitude is been addressed for the listing, CityFind gives you a comprehensive and best available search and a unique differentiator of enabling the Web identity to each of the listing.

The best part of getting listed in CityFind is to get a Web identity [Custom URL] and to be known within the City Circles which could enrich the data about the business listing and could be taken to a new level with customer reviews and connecting with other business resources.

Samples of Custom URL :