BuzzMyGoat launch brings video to your text life

BuzzMyGoat launch brings video to your text life

London - BuzzMyGoat, a revolutionary new mobile video service which enables anyone to manipulate, personalise and communicate with comedy video clips – launches today.

At anyone can create professional, customised television comedy sketches to send to friends, colleagues, clients or business contacts. The new technology behind BuzzMyGoat means specially shot audio and video segments can be seamlessly integrated into a unique new clip in a virtually limitless number of combinations.

BuzzMyGoat puts mobile television in the hands of the audience, providing a totally new tool for communication. At, anyone can

• create and send personalised ‘Buzzcasts’ – cheer-ups, chat-ups, wind-ups, wake-ups, birthday messages, good lucks, congrats and more.
• create and send personalised ‘Buzztones’ – original comic video ringtones, alarm tones, reminders and general funnies.

In one Buzz, for example, a newscaster warns of travel hold-ups because your partner “Sarah” is taking her driving test. In another, a foul-mouthed animated policeman demands that you answer the phone when “Your Mum” is calling.

BuzzMyGoat’s catalogue of videos have been produced by an award-winning team of former BBC and international film-makers, so anyone can now send professionally produced and individually scripted comedy sketches to mobile. The team behind BuzzMyGoat draws on a broad array of professional writing, acting and directorial talent, ensuring a continual supply of new and innovative material is available on the site.

Creating, sending and receiving a ‘Buzz’ is simple. It’s free to register and personalise videos at before choosing what to make and send. Recipients download their Buzz from a WAP (mobile internet) link which is delivered to mobiles by SMS. Every registrant’s first Buzz is free and thereafter prices range from free to £2, depending on the chosen clip and the level of personalisation.

BuzzMyGoat has been developed of Outcast TV, a company pioneering the convergence of television and mobile communication. Former BBC producer Justin Wickham, Outcast TV’s CEO and founder, says ‘BuzzMyGoat puts control in the hands of the audience. Anyone with a computer or mobile phone can interact and communicate with branded video content. It’s what video phones were made for!

‘The fast emerging video messaging market has the power to change the way we communicate –and that’s really exciting,’ Wickham continues. ‘Our aim is to leverage our unique combination technology and film making experience to deliver a range of innovative products. BuzzMyGoat lets us use comedy as well as enjoy it – so our users are excited and keep coming back for more.’