BusySync 2 - Preview

BusySync 2 - Preview

Synchronise iCal with Google Calendar

Platform: Mac OS X

Type: time limited demo

Manufacturer: BusyMac

Size: 2.4MB

If you use the Outlook calendar to track your meetings, ‘to do’ tasks and planned events, you’ll know that it’s a great way of sharing the information with other users. You can quickly invite them to shared meetings, keep them aware of your status and even share this information on a company-wide basis if your corporation has an Exchange server.

Work outside the corporation and it becomes a little more tricky. For this reason we turn to the Internet to store our calendar and ‘to do’ information and the Google Calendar system is proving to be an ideal tool for sharing your calendar information between different users. You can sync the calendar with Outlook, store it on your desktop as a widget, view from any web browser and share the info with another user, whether they are on a PC or Mac. You can even access your Google calendar from your iPhone or other mobile device.

BusySync 2 is a public beta preview of the forthcoming technology for Mac users that will enable you to synchronise iCal with your Google calendar, so if you update iCal, your Google calendar is updated, and vice-versa. If you use BusySync on more than one computer, you can share your calendar information through your network, without the need for an Exchange or similar server.

Interesting tool for Mac users to share calendar information between computers and Google Calendar