BlackBerry users offered voicemail-to-text

BlackBerry users offered voicemail-to-text

SpinVox plug-in for £5 a year

BlackBerry users will be able to get voicemails as text messages using a plug-in from SpinVox.

The service converts voice messages with 97 per cent accuracy, the company claims, and will cost £5 per year. It will work with all current voicemail systems.

"Email is the most useful form of messaging and voicemail is the second most useful," said Daniel Doulton, chief strategy officer at SpinVox. "You always have access to the original voice mail, having a fail-safe on the system."

SpinVox already has a similar plug-in for Skype voicemails and will shortly announce a major new VoIP supplier contract.

Voice-to-text conversion systems are receiving increased attention for personal and business use.

The technology has particular applications in the business intelligence field, since text is far easier than recorded speech to manipulate in a computer system.