Bettercaring discovers top ten tips for care home residents

Bettercaring discovers top ten tips for care home residents

Oxford, UK - Bettercaring, the UK’s leading care home search engine, has discovered what new care home residents should take with them when they first move. A humble cup came out at the top of the list.

Researched in collaboration with the South Essex Care Home Association (SECHA), the top 10 list was developed to offer irreverent and practical advice on how to make the most of the move to a care home, as well as ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible.

The relaxing and familiar feel of a favourite mug propelled it to the top, due to the calming nature of a good cup of tea. Sara Quick, chair of SECHA, explained:

“If you’re moving somewhere new and you’re looking for that sense of normality, what’s better than having a drink out of your own mug? It’s something that is personal to you. And they say if anything goes wrong, it can always be sorted out with a cup of tea.”

Other things new residents bring with them include favourite toiletries and things they use for a hobby.

But it’s not all light-hearted. Dentures and glasses were also on the list. Sara explains: “If you can’t see and you can’t eat, it’s pretty miserable. If someone’s come straight from hospital, these are the things that can get left behind.”

Another, more controversial choice identified was an Advance Directive, which allows a care home resident to stress the medical procedures they would want (or not want) should they lose the ability to communicate. A legally-binding contract, it can also be used to highlight their personality, showing their likes and dislikes.

The full top 10 list was as follows:
• A favourite cup
• A favourite chair
• 3 sets of clothing
• Glasses
• Dentures
• Favourite toiletries
• An open mind
• Things they might use for a hobby
• Address book
• An advance directive

Photographs just missed out on a place in the top 10 – but were recommended in a previous Bettercaring top 10 list.