AppDNA Achieves Prestigious Broadband Testing “Approved” Certification

AppDNA Achieves Prestigious Broadband Testing “Approved” Certification

London – AppDNA, the leading developer of application testing software, today announced that its AppTitude product has been awarded “Approved” status by Broadband Testing, one of Europe’s foremost independent network testing facilities and consultancy organisations for enterprise IT solutions. The full report is available here (PDF).

AppTitude is a client-server software solution that automates the application testing requirement for companies migrating to different versions of Windows, including the latest Vista OS. The detailed report validates AppDNA’s claim that using AppTitude to perform the application testing can eliminate years of labour compared to conducting the task manually.

Commenting on the report’s findings, Mike Welling, CEO and founder of AppDNA, said: “This recognition is an important achievement that reinforces AppDNA's continued leadership in application migration testing. By continuing to drive innovation in the migration space, we have enabled many organisations to accelerate their goal of successful OS migration, equating to significant time and cost savings."

By way of conclusion, Broadband Testing’s report recommends AppTitude to any company (or ISV) involved in analysing the migration issues involved in moving to Vista and SoftGrid, commenting that ROI time should be exceptionally fast and, moreover, it might just make the impossible possible.

“All too often in the IT world you find product answers to questions that no one has actually asked. In this case however, we have a very serious problem for enterprise-level companies trying to migrate from XP to new platforms and, in AppDNA, we have a solution to that very real problem,” explained Steve Broadhead, a director of Broadband Testing, and author of the report.

In January 2008, AppDNA was created as a result of Camwood, an application migration services specialist, dividing into two separate businesses. The consulting services division retained the name Camwood, while AppDNA was created to manage the research, development and creation of an indirect sales channel for the AppTitude product.

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