3 Australia Increases Network Capacity with Apertio

3 Australia Increases Network Capacity with Apertio

Leading operator moves towards subscriber centric view of data to simplify network

Mobile World Congress Barcelona - Apertio, the leading independent provider of subscriber-centric networks, today announced that Hutchison Telecoms, through its brand 3, has chosen to implement the Apertio One-HLR (Home Location Register) as part of a plan to re-architect its core network. 3 will deploy Apertio’s new generation HLR to ensure network capacity is in line with customer growth plans. All subscriber profile data will be migrated to the single, accessible repository, which will simplify the network and deliver the necessary capacity to manage 3’s growing customer base.

3 chose Apertio for its ability to provide scalability and increased capacity. Apertio had already implemented a One-NDS at 3 UK, and this acted as a significant proof point in its selection by the Australian arm of the next generation operator. An aligned vision of the future network, being based on a central subscriber data repository, will reduce the need for costly data reproduction across applications in the future, minimising complexity of the network.

Victa McClelland, chief technology officer at 3 said, “The Apertio One-HLR will enable us to increase capacity across our network. We were impressed with Apertio’s work with 3 UK and knew they understood our network and global strategy as a result.”

Andrew Wyatt, chief product operations officer at Apertio commented, “3 Australia was revolutionary when it entered the market and it continues to drive towards an ideal architecture which will benefit subscribers and engineers alike. We are delighted to announce 3 Australia as our first direct customer in the Australasian region which shares our vision of a simplified network.