Wireless Surge Generates Pan European Demand For Zinwave’s Unified in-Building Solutions

Wireless Surge Generates Pan European Demand For Zinwave’s Unified in-Building Solutions

Wireless Surge Generates Pan European Demand For Zinwave’s Unified in-Building Solutions

Cambridge, UK – Zinwave, a pioneer of unique wideband in-building wireless coverage technology, today announces it has signed Magdalene as its first distributor and network service partner in France. The partnership will support operator demand for Zinwave’s in-building unified wireless infrastructure solutions, and facilitate the company’s expansion into Europe.

Nicolas Grante, general manager of Magdalene France, comments, “Demand in Europe for increasingly complex wireless infrastructures is resulting in a surge for in-building solutions that support multiple services such as TETRA/PMR, 2G and 3G. At present, Zinwave’s DAS is the only unified wideband solution able to deliver emergency and other wireless services simultaneously, and therefore interest from operators and end-user companies for their technology is especially high.”

“Furthermore”, says Grante, “many operators are looking to adopt technologies that will enable their customers to easily integrate additional services such as Wi-Fi and WiMax.

“Zinwave’s in-building solution is also able to support emerging wireless standards, future-proofing the initial capital investment. The ease of planning and deployment makes Zinwave’s proposition extremely compelling, and we anticipate high-levels of adoption in 2008.”

From its Service Support Centre, Magdalene will deliver a complete service portfolio including product fault management, 24x7 on-site services, Network Operations Monitoring and training services.

Grante adds, “Magdalene is expecting significant demand for Zinwave’s unified wireless solution in France. To deploy and manage multiple infrastructures is cost-prohibitive, and Zinwave’s DAS is able to address this with very attractive economics.”

Jonathan Paget, CEO of Zinwave, comments; “In France, as is the case globally, organisations are seeking greater efficiency and lower operational costs from their expanding wireless infrastructure. At the same time, though, the need for increased value and innovation is growing.

“Zinwave’s ability to aggregate multiple wireless services onto a single in-building infrastructure means significantly reduced costs and maintenance requirements but, importantly, can support new and exciting services without the need for additional hardware or cable overlays. In doing so businesses can be assured that our innovation will increase their bottom-line profits.”

Paget concludes, “Magdalene has considerable expertise in supplying and supporting systems that improve in-building communications services, as demonstrated by recent deployments of our technology in the UK.”

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