WeShow.com launches video focused social network

WeShow.com launches video focused social network

My WeShow enables anyone to become an online video aggregator: finding, creating, discussing, sharing and making money from video content

New York – WeShow.com, the humanpowered guide to the online video universe, today launched My WeShow, a video focused social network that aims to enhance the Internet users' online video experience. My WeShow combines video entertainment with social interaction on the web, enabling users to find video, create personalized video communities, share opinions and content while also potentially making money. My WeShow lets users easily become an editor and aggregator of their own video portal, not only finding videos from more than 100 video sites, but immediately adding them to their own My WeShow portal under new titles and descriptions that they have written themselves.

Since its launch five months ago, approximately five million users visit WeShow on a monthly basis. On December 2007 WeShow was among the 2,000 most visited sites in the world according to Alexa. WeShow success builds off the explosion of online video and the popularity of sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video, Dailymotion consolidating the highest quality and most popular content from across the Internet into a simple and personalized view of all the top quality videos from around the world. WeShow has video portals specially dedicated to the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France and Japan. WeShow China is debuting today.

In launching My WeShow, WeShow is leading the industry by fully combining video content and social networking into an entertainment guide that provides a personalized view of the top quality videos from around the world. Key features of My WeShow include:

• Create a Video Community – My WeShow enables anyone to create their own compelling video portals on any subject and customize them with fresh video content, discussions, sharp design, and interactive tools. My WeShow provides its users with templates and tools needed to find, publish, manage, and track their video content so that it can be viewed and discussed across the social network.

• Boundless Video Search – My WeShow provides two different approaches to simultaneously browsing and finding videos, a focused search of the previously selected quality videos WeShow editors have labeled and organized in seven languages and an extensive search of video content from more than 100 video sites including YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video, Spike, Vimeo, Break.com and Dailymotion.

• Socialize and Share Video Content – Once your profile or video community has been created, My WeShow enables its users to build and grow groups of interest surrounding their video community or profile. User friendly tools enable users to build the visibility for their pages, invite people to submit their videos, share opinions and grow a social network of video enthusiasts.

• Make Money from Video Content – My WeShow allows users with a simple way to profit from their videos' and communities' popularity. Utilizing tools from Google Adsense, My WeShow enables any of its users to share in a 50 percent split of the profits from Google ads on all of their video pages, profile pages and communities. As users submit more videos, create more groups, discussions and video communities, they increase their potential for making money. My WeShow projects that by the year of 2012, the company will have distributed $10 million amongst its users if traffic continues to grow as expected.

“Bringing together powerful customization, social networking and the most robust gateway to the world of online videos, My WeShow could do for the online video universe what Flickr has accomplished for photography.” said Marcos Wettreich, CEO and founder of WeShow. “My WeShow will make it simple and easy for anyone to use online video to express themselves, create a community of interest around a single topic and even profit from their popularity.”

According to Comscore, a leader in measuring the digital world, nearly 75 percent of U.S. Internet users watched video online (averaging three hours per person) during the month of September. One of the factors driving such intense video consumption are the discussions, opinions and attention that surround each video. My WeShow will build off of this interest making it easy for anyone to create a video community around a specific topic or just join in the dialog by sharing their opinions.

My WeShow will be different from other media specific social networking sites such as Flickr (photos), deviantArt (graphic art) and LastFM (music) in that it is focused exclusively on video content. Because My WeShow will be built collaboratively by people around the world, users will contribute to the content, internationalization and descriptions of videos on the site. Visitors will not need specialized qualifications to contribute, since their primary role is to add videos, write descriptions and provide their personal opinions. People of all ages and cultural and social backgrounds can contribute to WeShow’s growing video community. WeShow’s content descriptions and tags will continue to be translated into seven languages, making it possible for the video enthusiasts to find, experience, and discuss the best videos from around the globe.

To experience how easy it is to build a video community, demonstrations are available at http://www.weshow.com/my.