UK surfers tune-in to web radio

UK surfers tune-in to web radio

Nine million listeners and four million podcast downloaders

Over 12 million people in the UK listen to the radio online, a survey by Radio Joint Audience Research (Rajar) has found.

The survey suggests that 9.1 million people listened to the radio streamed live over the internet last year, and 4.3 million downloaded a podcast of a radio programme.

Over 13 per cent of those questioned indicated that they listen to the radio more often now that it is available online.

Paul Kennedy, research director at Rajar, said: "This survey is very much a toe in the water."

"Although we already knew that 'listen again', personalised online radio and podcasts had many advocates, we knew nothing of their standing in the mainstream. This survey tells us more about our subscribers."

The average online radio user listens to nearly two programmes a week, the survey found, while podcast subscribers spend about an hour a week listening to programmes.

Under two thirds of podcast subscribers listen to the broadcasts on a media player, most preferring to use a computer.