RadioFrame Provides S-Series picocell For Orange’s Recently Announced Onsite Coverage Solution

RadioFrame Provides S-Series picocell For Orange’s Recently Announced Onsite Coverage Solution

Mobile network solution promises high-quality coverage for hard-to-reach business sites

LONDON and Redmond, WA. - RadioFrame Networks, the leader in small footprint, low cost wireless base stations, announced that its software-controlled S-Series picocell solution will be deployed by European mobile market leader Orange from the start of 2008. RadioFrame’s S-Series product will power Orange’s recently announced Onsite Coverage service and is expected to be the first mobile solution to be widely deployed specifically for enhanced coverage to smaller remote and inaccessible business locations in Europe.

RadioFrame and Orange have been trialing the service with customers since mid-2007 with positive results. Expected to be more cost efficient to deploy, Orange’s Onsite Coverage service adds to the existing Orange product portfolio and will improve coverage to mobile customers of all sizes. Most importantly, coverage enhancements will result in mobile coverage in even the most difficult to cover areas such as those challenged by hilly terrain, concrete, steel or offices that are below ground level. The solution can also boost existing capacity in urban areas with dense phone usage such as shopping centers or large office blocks.

“For several years now, RadioFrame has been developing breakthrough technology for wireless network operators that improves service quality and reduces time to market and network deployment costs,” said RadioFrame Networks Chief Executive Officer Jeff Brown. “We are mindful that as we develop interesting technology, however, it only matters when the solutions are deployed commercially. For a wireless network operator of Orange’s size and reputation to begin commercial deployment of our technology is a significant milestone for RadioFrame and an indication of the bright prospects of the indoor coverage solution industry as a whole.”

“As mobile adoption in the business market continues to grow, workers who move from location to location or even those who sit at their desks, need more access to mobile coverage in the hardest-to-reach places,” says Philippe Bernard, Executive Vice President,Orange Business Solutions. “For example, a distribution depot in a rural or mountainous location may need to give staff mobile telephones so they can keep in touch when they are working anywhere on site, or a city-based trading company may need to provide mobile coverage to their basement offices ensuring employees don’t miss vital sales calls when away from their desks.”

Orange’s Onsite Coverage service is a scalable offering of miniature base stations that can provide full mobile coverage for up to 50 mobile users, boosting coverage within a 50 meter radius. Base stations can also be linked together to support more users or a higher volume of calls. Regardless of whether someone is calling from outside their building or within their office using Onsite Coverage, all call charges and services remain unchanged because it is simply an extension of the Orange network. Depending on their needs and requirements, businesses will pay a monthly rental fee for the enhanced indoor coverage.

RadioFrame’s S-Series picocell base stations have been integrated with Nokia Siemens networking equipment. The RadioFrame and Nokia Siemens partnership began in early 2006 with Nokia Siemens now marketing the S-Series solution to mobile network operators throughout the world.