New exclusive Internet TV channel launches Beta test today

New exclusive Internet TV channel launches Beta test today

Young, SQUA.RE and Stylish

Square Media Ltd, a new London based media company, today announces the Beta launch of SQUA.RE, a community-generated TV, by invitation only, targeted at the 18-35 year olds interested in Luxury.

The site features four main Internet TV channels focusing on Nightlife, Style, High Living and Luxury Travel, SQUA.RE also its gives members the ability to create their own personal TV channel, showcase their own videos and slideshows with music, for broadcast either privately to their friends, or publicly to the whole community.

In a smart, elegant and exclusive environment, SQUA.RE will also encourage its members to express their own thoughts on living a life of luxury, a phenomenon described by the founders as “Luxurealism”. SQUA.RE members will be able to showcase a wide range of topics ranging from luxury products and fashion to parties and traveling,

The first exclusive test users are being invited to join some of the London based groups already using SQUA.RE. The SQUA.RE beta version is online now at

SQUA.RE founders, 25 year olds Olivier Bassil and Jeremy Genin, believe their friends from all over the world will make SQUA.RE their online meeting point for sharing tips for a better lifestyle and for meeting new, gorgeous and entertaining friends, with the same desires and ideas about life and luxury.

Olivier Bassil, Co-Founder of SQUA.RE comments: “We, at SQUA.RE, do not believe the world needs another YouTube or another aSmallWorld since YouTube and aSmallWorld are the best at what they do.”

He continues: “We do believe there is a need for a private online space where our generation can express and share the fun of exceptional lifestyles. This is why we have created SQUA.RE.”

Jeremy Genin comments: “Luxury is a way of living and we want everybody to be able to enjoy it. SQUA.RE is a place that will gather the largest amount of interaction and discussion around Luxury and lifestyle on the web. We believe brands will have a desire to engage conversations with our age group. And SQUA.RE will just be the perfect place for that.”

Using a mix of user-generated content (UGC) from individual users combined with professionally produced content (PPC) from selected companies, SQUA.RE also invites members to comment on lifestyle trends, allows them to share their love of Luxury brands, and gathers recommendations on the best products and services to buy, as well as the best events to attend.