Mindjet Mindmanager 7 Mac Software Extends Support To Latest Mac OS X Release

Mindjet Mindmanager 7 Mac Software Extends Support To Latest Mac OS X Release

London, January 2008 - Mindjet, the global leader in software for visualising and using information, today announced that it has extended support of its award-winning MindManager 7 Mac software to include Mac OS X Leopard. The updates will support the latest OS release, including compatibility for the Quick Look feature that allows previewing a map without opening the file.

In 2007 Mindjet released MindManager 7 Mac amid strong interest from users and influencers. MindManager 7 Mac offered significant enhancements to improve ease of use and functionality. These included a powerful new way to self topics by rules, which can be saved and applied as filters; printing enhancements that allow users to print large maps across multiple pages and add headers and footers and borders to printed maps; enhanced import and export capabilities, including OPML, HTML, Text Outline and more.

Due to the positive response and reviews for the MindManager 7 Mac product, its sales have accelerated by 30 percent in 2007 from the previous year.

"With Apple's phenomenal market growth over the past few years and the recent record sales of over two million Leopard licenses, we believe that the adoption of Macs will aggressively continue," said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. "The rapid acceptance of MindManager by the Mac community has exceeded our expectations. We will continue supporting these visual thinkers with our productivity- and creativity-enhancing product."

Pricing and Availability
MindManager 7 Mac Service Pack 1 is free and available immediately from this download page.

MindManager 7 Mac now retails at £89 (excl VAT) and is available online here and at select Apple retail stores. The software is also available through approved resellers or directly from Mindjet with volume and academic discounts available.

Click here to download a free 21-day trial of MindManager 7 Mac. To learn how customers are using MindManager, view the Mindjet customer successes page.