ILX Accommodates Hilton’s Learning Across The World

ILX Accommodates Hilton’s Learning Across The World

ILX Group provides 65,000 Hilton staff with three years’ training

ILX Group plc (ILX), the training services company that provides flexible training services through e-Learning, traditional classroom and blended learning courses has announced that it has been appointed to provide 25 financial and commercial awareness e-Learning courses to Hilton Hotels as part of a three year deal.

This international brief will be responsible for implementing training courses for more than 65,000 people in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, a renewal of the previous contract that involved ILX deploying and managing training initially for 17,000 people across Europe in a cost effective and timely manner. ILX met this challenge with a blended learning approach.

The first step involved a basic e-Learning programme that helped all learners reach a certain standard. The second step moved on to classroom training for some advanced learners using carefully designed and tailored case studies and interactive learning and the third step required the learner working with a mentor to attain personal goals.

Hossam Haggag, Director of Learning and Development, Hilton Hotels Europe, explained: “If we used traditional learning methods, we would have required the assistance of a significant number of HR staff to support our extensive range of training initiatives. Through our continuing partnership with ILX, we will be able to complete more than 10,000 courses each year using their distinctive approach to learning.”

“This allows us not only to match the most appropriate learning method to individuals and specific topics, but also results in a more efficient use of our in-house team resources and time,” Haggag added.

As you would expect of a company that takes its training and development seriously enough to have created the Hilton University, the company wanted to ensure it had the tools in place to enable it to respond to the needs of its incredibly diverse workforce, taking into account the many different languages spoken as well as individual’s available time. “In working with ILX Group we are able to provide courses in more than seven different languages,” said Haggag. “Our team members are also able to enjoy the flexibility to learn at work or home as these e-Learning course are accessible 24/7.”

The Hilton University initiative means that all staff have access to more than 500 courses online.

Eddie Kilkelly, Operations Director of ILX Group, adds, “Being involved with a company as deeply committed to training as the Hilton Hotels, with its own University and its belief that training opportunities should be offered to everyone across the company wherever and whoever they are is exciting and fulfilling. The Hilton Hotels is a brilliant exponent of our methodology.”

For the future, Haggag explained, “Our idea is that all 100,000 Hilton team members, whatever their position and geographic location, will have access to learning management systems in their native language. Our key aim is to provide our team members with a full range of learning solutions to ensure they make the most of their potential.”