Half term holiday help from by-car.co.uk

Half term holiday help from by-car.co.uk

London: As the school term gets underway, many families in the UK are considering their February half term holiday options. By-car.co.uk, the online car hire website and im-mietauto.de, its German counterpart, provide tips for planning a holiday with a hire car.

Car hiring can be stressful for families with children. However, by-car.co.uk gives information about different types of hire car. This helps families choose the right vehicle, with plenty of space for children, aiding a comfortable journey.

The website includes guides to countries and resorts popular with families. For example, holidaymakers can view the attractions surrounding Orlando and see the approximate distances to these places. This assists in route planning, which is particularly important when on holiday with children.

By-car.co.uk also has driving guides which are useful when abroad with children. They offer reminders to plan to break up a journey, as children often need more breaks than adults. It also suggests taking games and books to help keep children entertained during long journeys.

www.by-car.co.uk and www.im-mietauto.de are web sites specifically designed to help you plan and book your next great adventure by car.

Information featured at by-car.co.uk and im-mietauto is sourced directly from car rental companies to offer visitors the best prices available.