Brits Opt for More Choice and Flexibility in 2008

Brits Opt for More Choice and Flexibility in 2008

New Years subscriptions demise as Brits choose to Pay-per-work out!

London, UK – Brits demand more flexibility and the choice to be able to use pay-per-day services such as gym memberships, car insurance and television services. That’s according to new research launched today by T-Mobile.

Research shows that almost half of Brits (45%) felt they wasted money last year on membership, contract and subscription fees that they didn’t use. Not surprisingly, gym memberships are the most popular subscriptions at this time of year, but according to the survey 69% of people who joined a gym with New Year’s resolutions in mind felt they didn’t get value for money because they didn’t use it enough. Nearly a quarter of people with subscriptions felt that they had wasted more than £50 and a further 12% believed that they had wasted between £26 - £50 on unused memberships.

With the credit crunch looming large in everyone’s mind, 2008 looks set to be a year in which value for money is paramount. According to the research, many popular subscription services could do with offering consumers greater choice and the option to use pay-per-day services. Almost a third (30%) of respondents favoured pay-per-day gym memberships, 27% wanted for pay-per-view satellite or digital television services and a quarter would like pay-as-you-drive car insurance.

Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet on the Move, T-Mobile, said: “The research highlights growing demand amongst consumers for greater choice and flexibility when signing up to new memberships and services in the New Year. Now that consumers can have pay-per-day mobile broadband, our research suggests that they also want the same level of flexibility in other aspects of their life.

“We have continued our commitment in giving our customers the choice to control how they spend with pay-per-day deals such as web’n’walk Plus Daily which gives customers unlimited broadband Internet access for £4 a day. Unlimited browsing allows customers to take full advantage of the internet, the way they like at any time, without the constraints of a fixed line or monthly commitment.”

T-Mobile was the first operator to offer unlimited pay-per-day broadband across the UK. Customers can for the first time experience a high speed internet connection via a T-Mobile USB modem and their laptop, for £4 a day.