TomTom drums up Google Maps support

TomTom drums up Google Maps support

Users can export map information to sat-nav system

Sat-nav vendor TomTom has added support for Google Maps, allowing users to send street addresses and search results directly from the map service to a GPS device.

A new 'send to GPS' option will be available to Google Maps users when the GPS system is connected to a PC.

After the map information is exported, the data is uploaded to the device via TomTom's pre-installed 'Home' software.

The information is then displayed on the GPS device and users will be able to save the Google information as a 'favourite location'.

"We are pleased to work together with Google Maps on this personalisation functionality," said Eric Pité, vice president of product management at TomTom.

"The ability to search, find and send information from the web to a TomTom is something we have been investing in for some time now."

TomTom is gearing up for the traditional holiday season battle with rival navigation vendor Garmin.

The two firms recently butted heads over the acquisition of map-maker TeleAtlas.