Text-for-sex mobile user exposed

Text-for-sex mobile user exposed

New Zealand woman charged with 'misusing a phone'

A 17 year-old New Zealand woman has been charged with misusing a phone after luring a man to an incorrect address with the prospect of enjoying the company of two friendly ladies.

Reports in the local Manawatu Standard suggest that the woman sent the alluring text message to a 31 year-old man suggesting that he disrobe before entering the property in a bid to save time.

On arrival at the address the man stripped naked and threw his clothes through the window, only to find that he had turned up at the wrong house.

The shocked resident called the police who then arrested the man for unlawful entry.

Police tracked down the 17 year-old sender of the text message who was then charged with misusing a phone.

The man and the woman were formally cautioned but escaped prosecution.