T-Mobile trial slashes data costs

T-Mobile trial slashes data costs

50p a day for on-the-move access

T-Mobile is offering a five-day trial of mobile data for 50p a day in an effort to get more people using mobile internet services.

The Web'n'Walk five-day pass is available with unlimited access to over 40 types of pay-as-you-go phones. The plan cuts the cost of mobile data by 50 per cent.

Richard Warmsley, head of 'internet on the move' at T-Mobile, said: "The Web'n'Walk 5 Day Pass puts the whole internet into your pocket.

"It is perfect for people who simply want to dip in and out of the internet on their phone. You get unlimited web browsing on the internet for a great price and without any hidden costs."

The company has also updated its internet portal to include easier navigation and better access to favourite websites.

The package can be activated by visiting the company's site, calling 879 or texting 'web' to 441.