Spectrum boost for wireless broadband and mobile TV

Spectrum boost for wireless broadband and mobile TV

Regulator Ofcom will hold an online auction to sell off prime radio frequencies next spring

Ofcom has revealed the next steps in the redistribution of wireless spectrum, with plans for an online auction next spring.

The so-called "L-band" ranges in frequency between 1452 – 1492MHz and is part of the prime spectrum the regulator is planning to release over the next few years.

The bandwidth is regarded as a valuable commodity and could be used for a variety of services from wireless broadband to mobile TV services.

Ofcom will auction the spectrum next spring on a technology neutral basis – allowing the winning bidder to use the radio resource as it pleases.

"Ofcom is responsible for ensuring the most efficient use of the UK's finite spectrum resource," said chief executive Ed Richards.

"This marks the start of our fifth spectrum auction process as we continue to release spectrum for the benefit of consumers and citizens."

Full details of the proposal can be read at Ofcom's web site.

Research conducted by the regulator indicates that radio spectrum use contributes £37bn to the UK economy.