Sony unveils Cyber-shot S730 Digital Camera

Sony unveils Cyber-shot S730 Digital Camera

Sony Cyber-shot S730 Digital CameraSony has announced its new Cyber-shot S730 entry point digital camera here in Weybridge today. The Cyber-shot S730 sports a Sony 3x optical zoom lens with a 7.2 effective megapixel sensor.

The Cyber-shot S730 lets you grab clear, blur-free pictures without the aid of flash if you’re shooting in low light or on cloudy days. Selecting ‘High Sensitivity’ mode on the easy-to-adjust mode dial boosts sensitivity to ISO 1250. This allows shooting at faster shutter speeds to reduce the risk of camera shake, even with moving subjects.

A new multi-point autofocus mode ensures pin-sharp images, even when your subject is moving or isn’t in the centre of the frame.

Pictures and camera settings can be viewed clearly on the large 2.4-inch screen. Touching a button switches instantly to Playback mode, making it quick and easy to check pictures during shooting. There’s also an on-screen Histogram mode that displays image brightness in graphical form – useful if you’re fine-tuning exposure settings for the best possible results.

Even if you’re new to digital photography, the Cyber-shot S730 guides you with a handy display of functions like flash, macro and self-timer settings. There’s also on-screen advice to help you select the right settings for your chosen subject as selected with the Shooting Mode dial.

The Cyber-shot S730 can even help beginners pick the optimum image size for shooting, depending on your preferred printing paper size and the amount of memory space remaining.

Key features
  • 7.2 effective megapixels
  • 2.4-inch LCD screen with wide viewing angle
  • High Sensitivity ISO 1250 for reduced camera shake
  • Easy-to-use on-screen function guide
  • 3x optical zoom lens

    The Cyber-shot S730 will be available throughout Europe from mid January 2008.