Shoppers more aware of online fraud

Shoppers more aware of online fraud

It's about time

A year filled with high-profile retail data breaches has made consumers more aware of the dangers of online fraud, new research claims.

A poll by The Data Security Company, commissioned by Utimaco, revealed that nearly 70 per cent of respondents are monitoring bills and credit card activity more closely.

The survey also highlighted increased personal security measures being taken by buyers to mitigate the risk of personal information data breaches, credit card fraud and identify theft.

"Holiday shoppers have been rocked by the magnitude and severity of data security threats that have affected leaders such as TJX, Stop & Shop and others," said Craig Bumpus, chief operating officer at Utimaco America.

"In addition to capturing the consumer pulse around personal and credit card data, this survey is a wakeup call to retailers worldwide.

"In order to regain consumer confidence, retailers must deploy processes and technologies to stem the tide of data breaches and ensure consumer protection."

The research also revealed that 62 per cent of respondents are less likely to shop at a retailer that has had a publicised data breach.

In addition, 49 per cent do not believe that retailers are doing more to protect consumer data, while 58 per cent do not assume that their personal data and credit card information is safe when they shop online.