Services markeplace to launch in the UK

Services markeplace to launch in the UK

Onforce, a marketplace for IT service professionals is expanding into the United Kingdom and Germany

Onforce, the IT services marketplace firm, is to launch in the UK and Germany from 2008.

Onforce offers specialized workers for firms looking to upgrade systems, roll out new systems, deal with problems, and train their existing staff. It currently has some 10,000+ highly trained professionals on its books and is looking to expand this at is increases its global footprint. Currently it is taking user registrations in these countries, these individuals will then be forewarned when the marketplace formally launches in 2008.

On force offers services ranging from computers, networking, servers and point of sale tools, using the marketplace site buyers can find the service provider they need, assess their skills, and purchase their services.

The firm will launch sites in both jurisdictions, and buyers and providers of services are able to join up for free.