Samsung SGH-i780 Handheld Phone - First Look

Samsung SGH-i780 Handheld Phone - First Look

Samsung is no stranger to the WM (Windows Mobile) world. Its popular smart phone, the SGH-i600, is one of the most feature-packed WM6 Standard devices this year. Though the Korean company hasn't launched many touchscreen WM handhelds, its upcoming SGH-i780's spec sheet is still nothing short of impressive.


Even though Motorola invented the slim look for mobile phones, Samsung took it to a whole new level. We're glad this will be applied to the geeky world of feature-packed handhelds because power users want good-looking products, too. The i780 is a mere 12.9mm thick. The HTC Touch, already one of the slimmest PDA-phones around, is a whole millimeter thicker at 13.9mm.

The most amazing thing is that even with its anorexic frame, the i780 has a truckload of features. Connectivity-wise, it comes with HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. GPS is also built-in for navigation and location-based services.

The most common displays used for WM devices have a resolution of 320 x 240. Those with square screens like the Palm Treo 750 come with 240 x 240 screens. The i780 is unusual as it has one with 320 x 320 pixels--more than those two common resolutions. This should give sharper text and make Web browsing more tolerable.


One of the earliest sightings of the i780 focused on its navigation interface. Instead of a regular directional pad, it has an optical joystick. This controls a mouse pointer on the screen and is very similar to what's available on the Raon Digital Everun UMPC. While unique, we can't fathom why it would be useful on a small touchscreen--tapping with the stylus would certainly be faster and more accurate.


Samsung will surely be looking to replicate the success of the i600 with the i780. The same formula of having a killer design and packing it to the brim with features has been applied. We'll see if that will work when the SGH-i780 hits Asia Pacific in Q1 2008. Pricing has yet to be confirmed.