Pundits blast mobile web

Pundits blast mobile web

New browser system needed, say analysts

Mobile handsets are being crippled by a poor web experience, according to one analyst firm.

A report by Jupiter Research concluded that inadequate browsers on handsets are keeping users from viewing internet content on mobile networks.

The report suggests that, while such things as checking e-mail have become popular, other common activities, such as web browsing, are lagging behind.

The firm estimates that 37 per cent of mobile users currently use internet services. If browsers were to become better-adapted to mobile handsets, that number could triple, says the company.

"Consumers are willing to pay for good experiences and products. The industry should focus on this reality," said vice president Julie Ask.

The report suggested said that rather than trying to duplicate the experience of looking at a site with a PC, handset makers should break content down by using specialized 'widget' applications.

"We're not advocating the browser go away," explained Ask, "just that there should be an alternative for 'glanceable' content, the content people need frequently."