Packateer releases new WAN management platform

Packateer releases new WAN management platform

Packateer's WAN management platform will let firms monitor application performance

WAN application delivery vendor Packeteer has launched a new WAN management platform for managing application performance.

Called IntelligenceCenter, the system is aimed at service providers and enterprises. IntelligenceCenter uses a single sign on Web 2.0-based interface, and aggregates data from multiple Packeteer appliances through a single interface. Data formats supported include Netflow-5, Packeteer-2 FDR, XML, and SQL. Packeteer say that IntelligenceCenter can monitor average and peak network utilisation, response times, connection-related statistics and other network statistics, by application and host on a network-wide basis.

The system can also report on Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) usage, configuration and compliance for all applications, providing IT admins with a granular, network-wide view on application performance, "All the way down to specific users at specific sites" Packeteer said in a statement.

Packeteer's IntelligenceCenter consists of Console, Reporting Module, and Data Collector, which can manage up to 2,500 PacketShaper, iShaper, and iShared appliances concurrently. IntelligenceCenter Console is free to Packeteer customers, while the IntelligenceCenter Reporting Module and Data Collector are priced on the number of devices managed and application flow rate, respectively.