Orange refreshes Business Everywhere

Orange refreshes Business Everywhere

Mobile firm Orange has altered its business packages

Mobile operator Orange has refreshed its Business Everywhere offering with data bundles now offering Orange business customers with access to 10,000 UK hotpots and 30,000 internationally through its tie-up with wireless ISP, The Cloud.

Orange has added new Travel Data Bundles. For £25 per month customers get unlimited - capped at 3GB - laptop-based data roaming and 250 minutes per month Wi-Fi access in the UK. For £45 per month customers would get a free datacard and additional 15MB of data roaming on Orange partner networks globally.

For business travellers Orange offer Travel Data Bundles starting from £8 per month for a European 3MB bundle and £16.50 for a global one, rising to 10MB for £25 per month in Europe and £35 for a global 10MB data bundle. The price depends where the user is travelling.

‘Out of bundle’ rates for Wi-Fi cost 8p per minute, with data roaming charges costing £3.50 per MB in Europe and £5.50 per MB for the Rest of the World zones. Orange only charge in 1KB increments for data transferred using PDAs and data cards.