Oracle acquires Moniforce

Oracle acquires Moniforce

Web performance monitoring vendor will boost Oracle's business performance solutions offerings

Oracle has acquired web performance monitoring vendor Moniforce to strengthen its Enterprise Manager Application Performance management capabilities.

Moniforce has customers in industries ranging from finance and government to retail.
“The addition of Moniforce significantly broadens the scope of business exceptions addressed by Oracle Enterprise Manager, allowing administrations to proactively monitor and analyse the application experience from a user’s standpoint,” said Chuck Rozwat, Oracle product development vice president.

A report accompanying the news of the acquisition said IT problems are often reported by end users and are not always identified by management solutions. Businesses therefore need “better insight into the business transactions performed by users”, the report said.

Moniforce’s solution uses network protocol analysis technology to measure end user experience. The solution is described in the report as “a non-intrusive, passive and secure approach” that “ensures no impact on application or network performance”.

Moniforce’s technology will become integrated with Oracle’s Enterprise Manager to increase Oracle’s business performance solutions portfolio. “With the combined solution, Oracle customers can expect to get better return on their business application investments through improved overall business performance and lower cost of managing web applications,” the report added.

Willem-Jan Scholten, Moniforce chief executive, said “Moniforce and Oracle believe that real end-user information is essential for improving application usage and business performance, as well as lowering total cost of ownership.”

Details of the financial transactions have not been disclosed.