Ofcom gets ready for ‘WiMax’ auction

Ofcom gets ready for ‘WiMax’ auction

Could BT join the ranks of the mobile operators again?

Ofcom released further details on its planned release of radio spectrum in the 2.0GHz and 2.6GHz region today, which Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards said would be, "The UK's largest single release of spectrum suitable for a range of new wireless services including WiMax.”

Richard said that the spectrum would be released, “On a technology and service neutral basis allowing firms to decide how best to use the spectrum within certain minimum technical specifications to prevent harmful interference.”

In a statement Ofcom said that it is, “Consulting on detailed rules for auctioning the spectrum in order to offer the maximum flexibility in the way that the bands can be used.” A statement will be made in early 2008 and the ongoing consultation closes on 1 Feb next year.

There are industry rumours that BT will be bidding for the spectrum in an effort to join the ranks of the mobile operators again. When contacted about the auction, a BT spokesperson said, “We are aware of the ‘WiMax’ auction but the official line is that no decision has yet being taken on whether we would be bidding for radio spectrum.”