Nokia driving web evolution and green issues

Nokia driving web evolution and green issues

With great power comes great responsibility...

The mobile industry will undergo rapid change driven by the convergence of mobility and the internet, according to Nokia.

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, president and chief executive at Nokia, also used his keynote address at Nokia World 2007 to call for increasing environmental sustainability in the industry.

As the market leader in the industry, Kallasvuo insisted that Nokia will drive both trends.

"We are committed to taking a leading role in environmental awareness and performance across the industry, creating products and services that help people make more sustainable choices," he said. "It is the responsible thing to do, and it makes good business sense."

Kallasvuo added that Nokia is engaged in new initiatives to improve energy efficiency, the amount of materials used, product take back, recycling and packaging.

He pointed to the launch of the Nokia 3110 Evolve as the first stage, with its bio-covers made from more than 50 per cent renewable material.

"The device is presented in a small package made of 60 per cent recycled content and comes with Nokia's most energy efficient charger yet, using 94 per cent less energy than Energy Star requirements," said Kallasvuo.

Nokia introduced compact packaging in February 2006 which reduced the materials used by 54 per cent, resulting in 5,000 fewer trucks needed to distribute products since that time.

Kallasvuo said that the company had reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions, resulting in savings of €100m.