Mimecast tackles football emails

Mimecast tackles football emails

Email archiving vendor Mimecast and systems integrator Network Defence have scored a 10-year contract with Premier League football club Bolton Wanderers.

Based on Network Defence’s advice, the club has upgraded its email management from a point solution to a web-based email system from Mimecast.

Sarah Kok, head of marketing at Mimecast, said: “Mimecast’s unified email Software as a Service provides security, continuity and archiving, giving the club more control over its emails, while using fewer resources to manage it.”

Dave Atkinson, IT manager at Bolton Wanderers, said he now had peace of mind that the club’s email archiving system provides an audit trail of communication that could be used in court to defend the club’s reputation should the need occur.

“For legal reasons the club’s emails are archived as evidence on negotiations over player signings. The service stores the emails and ensures they have not been tampered with,” added Kok.