iPhone tops 2007 Google search list

iPhone tops 2007 Google search list

Technology dominates global top 10

Google has published its annual Zeitgeist roundup of most searched-for terms over 2007, and there are no prizes for guessing that Apple's iPhone tops the list of fastest rising global search entries.

Each year the search engine giant scours billions of queries to uncover what's hot and what's not in the search term rankings.

Google's top 10 list for 2007 proves that the world's thirst for technology shows no sign of abating.

Nipping at the iPhone's heels are Facebook and YouTube, which logged the number three and number six slots respectively.

In an apparent sign that the popularity of P2P music downloading is on the way out, Kazaa and 'MP3' were among the fastest falling search terms across the globe. Kazaa was the fifth fastest descending term and 'MP3' the tenth fastest.

However, global users are not just social networking geeks with a penchant for much-hyped mobile phones. As in past years, 2007 also witnessed an ever present interest in more cerebral and existential issues.

"Particularly interesting were some of the timeless themes, such as 'what is love?', 'who is God?' and 'how to kiss'. No matter how much changes over time, these seem to be constants," said Google Zeitgeist team member Susan Straccia.

Google's fastest rising search terms (global) for 2007:

1. iPhone
2. Badoo
3. Facebook
4. Dailymotion
5. Webkinz
6. YouTube
7. Ebuddy
8. Second Life
9. Hi5
10. Club Penguin