Information chief warns of further data loss

Information chief warns of further data loss

Organisations coming forward to confess their sins, says Thomas

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas has warned that the UK is not out of the woods when it comes to damaging data loss incidents.

Several other public bodies have admitted to losing data following the crisis at HM Revenue & Customs when unencrypted discs containing details on 25 million UK residents on the child benefit database were lost in the post.

"A number of public and private sector organisations have come to us saying that they think they have found a problem," Thomas told the Commons Justice Committee. "I think there is certainly more to come out in the wash."

Thomas declined to name any of the parties involved, but confirmed that they had approached the government on a "confessional basis".

HMRC today announced a £20,000 reward for the return of its missing CDs. Police have searched for leads on possible routes between HMRC and the National Audit Office, including rubbish dumps.

Police have also appealed for HMRC and National Audit Office staff to keep their eyes peeled in case the package has since been delivered.