Grisoft buys Exploit Prevention Labs

Grisoft buys Exploit Prevention Labs

AVG developer adds web protection to security suite

Grisoft has announced the acquisition of web surfing protection firm Exploit Prevention Labs (EPL).

EPL develops technology that protects internet users against malicious sites and drive-by download exploits by monitoring traffic in real time.

"Unsafe hyperlinks and the poisoning of legitimate websites are the biggest threats facing computer users since the advent of viruses," said Grisoft chief executive J R Smith.

"The research and technology behind EPL's LinkScanner will enable us to provide our 60-plus million users with access to the most complete protection against internet security threats."

Grisoft had considered developing similar technology in house, but decided that customers would be better served through the acquisition of EPL.

The firm also hopes to leapfrog the safe surfing initiatives of other antivirus vendors, which it claims have focused on database-driven approaches that are incompatible with the "dynamic and elusive nature" of current threats.

"Web exploits are a dynamic problem that requires a real-time solution," said Roger Thompson, co-founder and chief technology officer at EPL.

"In today's web 2.0 world of user-generated content and hyperlinked-everything, a web page can be safe one minute and dangerous the next.

"LinkScanner provides definitive real-time threat protection at the time that matters most: when the user clicks the link."

Grisoft said that LinkScanner will initially be offered as a standalone product, but will be integrated into Grisoft's range of premium security programs and later as part of its paid-for internet security suite.

As yet there are no plans to include the technology into Grisoft's free AVG product.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed and the deal is expected to be finalised by the end of the year.