City of Maastricht builds mobility from the ground up with Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite

City of Maastricht builds mobility from the ground up with Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite

Nokia today announced that the City of Maastricht, Netherlands has selected Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite as their standard platform for mobile applications. The solution enables the administrative officers of the City of Maastricht to integrate 900 Nokia Eseries devices into the Cisco corporate IP telephony system and synchronize contact and calendar details. Furthermore, the city will offer wireless email to some of the employees. To ensure an easy roll out and management of all services, the City of Maastricht is using Nokia Intellisync Device Management. The deployment of the service has started and is estimated to be completed in the beginning of next year.

"Mobile working is increasingly important wherever business is conducted. The efficiencies and the cost-savings it delivers are important criteria for a city such as ours," said Marc Lustermans, project manager, City of Maastricht. "We have selected Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite as our standard mobility platform given the modular structure of the mobileware which means that it can grow and be customized according to our evolving mobility needs today and tomorrow."

In order to ensure an easy and cost-effective deployment of the different mobile services, to simplify administration and configuration of the mobile phones in use, device management is an integrated part of the total solution.

"It was important that the City of Maastricht integrated its mobile infrastructure plans into the overall IT strategy for the organization," says Scott Cooper, senior vice president, Mobility Solutions Unit, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. "We recommend that all businesses take a similar, more strategic approach towards mobility. Done right, an organization can gain advantage by improving speed and quality of service, while encouraging collaboration and communication between employees, customers and partners."

"We were looking for innovative yet secure mobility solutions, as a high level of security and data protection is imperative for us as a municipal organization," said Lustermans. "One decision criterion for the Nokia solution resulted from the fact that we can fully integrate the wireless email solution behind the firewall and hence keep full control of the solution within our own IT department."

Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite provides access to powerful collaboration tools such as email, contacts, calendar, device management and synchronization of file and data and business applications. Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email as part of Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite works in any groupware environment - ISP, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or Groupwise - and can run on any kind of device platform - Symbian, Windows, Palm or Pocket PC. The highly scalable email solution supports more than 100 different devices in addition to Nokia Eseries portfolio. Nokia Intellisync Call Connect client ties employees' mobile phones into a company's telephony system. Workers then have all system functions available to them even when out of the office.