Cisco tackles rich media network traffic

Cisco tackles rich media network traffic

A new intrustion prevention sensor from Cisco will help firms manage their media traffic

Cisco has announced a new intrusion prevention sensor designed to help organisations secure staff systems using rich media and social networking sites.

Cisco said that this is a response to the “Increased network demands resulting from the rise in rich media traffic”. The IPS 4270 will be capable of providing 4Gbit/s performance dealing with rich media and 2Gbit/s for standard transactional traffic.

Cisco say this will help IT administrators detect security problems and apply appropriate policies to prevent threats from entering corporate networks and those emanating internally.

The IPS 4270 is a 4U, rack mountable appliance which has four gigabit copper or optical fibre ports as standard, upgradeable to an extra four gigabit copper ports or two gigabit fibre ports

It also has redundant power supplies and automated hardware fail open.