Channel embraces grey hair

Channel embraces grey hair

Over 40s favoured in the IT industry, according to study

People with more than half a lifetime’s experience could actually have a positive contribution to make at work, IT visionaries have discovered.

The revelation came from recruitment specialist, which apparently produced the research for philanthropic reasons, rather than cheap publicity.

Roughly three in four IT professionals believe people over forty can actually progress up the career ladder, according to the scientific study by the jobs agency. This compares to a positive response from only half in the previous year’s study.

We have not been able to confirm is this 25 per cent swing in opinion was down to one of the interviewees changing their answer from last year.

Alex Farrell, director at, was convinced his survey sent out an important message to the market.

“Our research suggests the IT sector has taken heed and recognised the benefits that older workers bring to organisations. These include experience that tends to increase people and management skills, but also technical ability such as being better equipped to deal with legacy systems,” he beamed.

This is not the first time IT industry experts have made ground breaking scientific and cultural discoveries. In 1995, far seeing software visionaries discovered that, in five years; time, there would be a year 2000, sparking a mad panic that cost British industry £20 billion.