Butlins hopes to boosts online business

Butlins hopes to boosts online business

Holiday group's growth strategy needs increased focus on internet sales

Holiday resort firm Butlins has implemented specialist software to increase visitor conversion rates on its web site.

Delivered via software as a service (SaaS), the system from supplier Interwoven is designed to optimise the firm's online marketing and will analyse the behaviour of web visitors to help improve design of the site.

The user's progression from the homepage to booking will be enhanced, said Kate Brett, online conversion manager at Butlins.

"The system will help Butlins test multiple combinations of text and graphics simultaneously, identifying the optimum page design from millions of possible permutations," she said.

The system can offer visitors the most effective presentation, by analysing the various combinations of elements and amending the response.

Around 40 per cent of Butlins' annual bookings are processed online and the web site receives 400,000 unique visitors every month.

SaaS allows companies to buy a hosted service from a vendor, rather than running the software on their own server.