Broadband over powerlines is a 'winner'

Broadband over powerlines is a 'winner'

Adoption expected to ramp up globally

Broadband over powerline is emerging as "a winner" in the worldwide race for multimedia home networking, experts reported today.

In-Stat predicts that the networking technology, which requires no new cabling, will gain momentum over the coming years.

"Management and conservation of energy have become the drivers for smart grid utility applications, where broadband and low-speed powerline communications will play a roll," said In-Stat analyst Joyce Putscher.

"As a result, we expect HomePlug Command & Control solutions to emerge in a big way, although we envision many combination solutions evolving including powerline and low-speed wireless technologies."

Recent research by In-Stat forecasts global growth for broadband powerline networking equipment of nearly 100 per cent in 2007.

Although broadband has gained most of the attention, the low-speed HomePlug Command & Control specification has recently been approved with "meaningful shipments" expected in 2008.

Worldwide market acceptance is expected to be strong over the next five years, driven by regional mandates for energy management and savings.