Accessories for the iPod and other MP3 players

Accessories for the iPod and other MP3 players

'Tis the day after Christmas, and all through the land, people play with gadgets that fit right into the hand. Some tinker with iPods, others play with a Zune, but they have one thought in common: "Can I accessorize soon?" Well, Santa's passed out--it's his first rest all year--so you'll have to get up and find your own audio gear. But before you bundle up to brave the snow, wind, and fog, make sure you check out these accessories.

Creative Zen accessories

Microsoft Zune accessories
  • Altec Lansing M604: A nice-sounding speaker system with a remote.
  • DLO Hip Cases: Stylish leather sleeves for the 30GB Zune and its flash brethren.
  • DLO Shell for Zune: This clear, polycarbonate case will protect your 30GB player and prop it up perfectly for watching videos.
  • Zune Car Pack: An FM transmitter for those long trips down the road.
  • Speck CanvasSport Case: Disguise your Zune as a Chuck Taylor.

Samsung YP accessories

SanDisk Sansa accessories
  • Altec Lansing inMotion im510: Share the tunes from your Sansa e200.
  • Speck TechStyle-Capsule: Hide your Sansa Express completely from view.
  • DLO TransDock Micro for Sansa: Transmit tunes to your car stereo.
  • DLO JamJackets for Sansa: Protect your c200 or e200 from dust and scratches with this clear silicone case.
  • Griffin Centerstage for Sansa: Protect your e200 and prop it up for watching video.
  • DayDeal Fold-Up Amplified Speakers: These will work with any MP3 player, but the small size is particularly suitable for the Sansa Clip.

Sony Walkman accessories