Wal-Mart sells out of $200 Linux PCs

Wal-Mart sells out of $200 Linux PCs

Everex TC2502 gPC sells like hot cakes

Wal-Mart has sold out of $200 Ubuntu Linux PCs less than two weeks after the PC went on sale, according to a posting on Slashdot.

The retail giant began selling the $200 machines on 31 October, but has already sold out, according to its website.

The Everex TC2502 gPC is thought to be the first mass-market $200 desktop computer featuring a custom distribution of Ubuntu Linux.

The PC joins a popular bevy of entry-level computers heading into the US festive season, including Asus' $300 EeePC Laptop and VIA's $600 Nanobook.

In contrast to these economy offerings, Everex's machine is a full-sized desktop and is $100 cheaper than the cheapest models from Dell or HP.

"It is $200 with no gimmicks or subsidies," said Everex spokesman David Liu.

Described by Everex as a "green" machine, the gPC has a 1.5GHz VIA C7 CPU embedded in a Mini-ITX motherboard, 512MB of Ram and an 80GB hard drive.