Vizioncore sends VARs back to school

Vizioncore sends VARs back to school

Virtual infrastructure vendor Vizioncore has unveiled the Vizioncore authorised learning centre (VALC) programme, offering its distributor partners training in its products.

The scheme will be overseen by Vizioncore authorised instructors (VAI), who will be tested every year.

Colin Wright, regional director for northern Europe at Vizioncore, said: “The VALC is a creation of partner and end-user demand.

“Virtualisation is a key topic at the moment and this programme will help. It fills in the missing piece of virtualisation and ensures it can start being pushed forward.”

Eight VAIs have already successfully completed their exams and the programme begins next week.

Andrew Binding, managing director of distributor Magirus, said: “Signing up for the learning programme is the easiest decision I have had to make all year. It fits with Magirus operations perfectly, and educating partners in virtualisation will support our resellers in their own understanding of technology in a virtual space better.”