Universities could save £1m on Microsoft

Universities could save £1m on Microsoft

A new deal brokered bya not-for-profit group will be available to 650 education establishments

Up to 650 of the UK's higher education (HE) institutions will be able to use a cut-price Microsoft software contract brokered by not-for-profit organisation Eduserv.

Under the new agreement, 150 higher education and 500 further education sites will be able to buy discounted licences from eight certified resellers. Eduserv estimates that savings in the HE market alone will surpass £1m.

Microsoft previously only offered preferential pricing on its products to institutions with more than 3000 staff, of which there are approximately 20 in the UK.

Eduserv is planning to launch a portal early next year which will allow colleges and universities to discuss best-practice of Microsoft products.

"This open platform will be a valuable information resource for hundreds of institutions across the UK," said Stephen Butcher, chief executive at the service provider.