Trend Micro releases all-in-one enterprise security solution

Trend Micro releases all-in-one enterprise security solution

Trend has added data encryption to its mobile security software

Security firm Trend Micro has included data encryption and authentication features in the new version of its mobile security software.

Mobile Security 5.0 is designed to protect mobile devices against security breaches and data loss, and to enable administrators to manage the security of those devices from a single console.

The new encryption and authentication features mean that if a mobile device is lost or stolen, the data it contains is encrypted and can only be unlocked with a password. Administrators can delete the data remotely if necessary.

The software also includes anti-virus, firewall and intrusion detection functionality to protect against hacking and denial-of-service attacks.

Mobile platforms covered by the software include Windows Mobile 5.0, both for smartphones and Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile 6.0 and Symbian S60/3rd Edition.
Customers with OfficeScan Client/Server Edition 8.0 (OCSE) will be able to manage mobile devices, desktop PCs and enterprise servers from a single console.

Customers not already using OSCE 8.0 will receive an OSCE 8.0 console licence with their purchase of Mobile Security 5.0.