STMicro HDMI switch hits 3.4Gbps

STMicro HDMI switch hits 3.4Gbps

Device provides multiple HDMI inputs for LCD and plasma TVs

STMicroelectronics has unveiled what it claims is the world's first HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) switch to support a video data transfer rate of up to 3.4Gbps.

The STDVE003A switch (PDF) supports full 16-bit depth of 65,000 colours for a true high-definition picture.

The device is designed to be used in LCD and plasma TVs to provide multiple HDMI inputs for external programme sources, such as game consoles, high-definition DVD players (Blu-ray and HD-DVD) and set-top boxes.

An integrated equaliser overcomes signal degradation when using cables longer than 20 metres.

The unit is an active digital multiplexer designed for high-performance Transition Minimised Differential Signalling data transfer.

Configured as a 3:1 switch, the STDVE003A enables TV designers to provide as many as three input ports while using only a single HDMI receiver chip.

The high data transfer rate is fully compliant with the latest and strictest HDMI specification, version 1.3.

Control of signal routing through the switch is by means of Select pins. The device also supports Display Data Channel and Hot-Plug Detect data switching, and provides on-chip 50-OHM input termination.